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Introducing the Stellar Business Woman Success Series

Expert Hypnosis & Affirmation Audios for Professional Enhancement
…created by a Successful Business Woman for Successful Business Women!


Willow Sibert, Creator Stellar Business Woman Success Systems I'm so glad you found my site. You deserve to be a Stellar Woman, both professionally and personally, and I know that these audios will help you get there! Thanks for coming by!
Willow Sibert, Creator Stellar Business Woman Success Systems

Willow Sibert, certified hypnotherapist, author, trainer and mentor delivers this effective 6-part audio set to enhance your business and career success immediately. Specifically developed for business women, the Stellar Series brings professional hypnosis, guided visualizations and matching affirmations together in a dynamic, synergistic way. Each set elegantly utilizes the power of the subconscious mind to create and reinforce positive changes, develop a deeper inner strength, and reach meaningful career goals and personal aspirations.

Sharpen Your Focus, Regain Your Energy
 …and Reach for the Stars!

You will move forward in your business role using hypnotic suggestions -- suggestions on how to stay focused on your business regardless of outside distractions. These powerful yet subtle suggestions teach you how to relate positively and effectively to those in your everyday work life - business associates, clients, customers, and especially yourself! Each Stellar Business Set is created to clear subconscious blocks, gain inner confidence, and create the successful outcomes you want to make, easily and effortlessly!

Take your business day from Good to Stellar!

Stellar Affirmations help you consciously reinforce the hypnotic suggestions and actively reprogram negative or limiting beliefs into the positive behavior and outcomes you desire. By consciously repeating the Stellar Affirmations throughout the day -- silently or out loud -- you actively reinforce the change that your subconscious mind is putting into motion for you. These simple yet compelling affirmations augment each Stellar Business Set and can be used any where, any time, any place!


Willow has helped me develop some healthy habits and has offered some powerful exercises to help me shift out of my old patterns. My business projects are moving forward, and I am in a much better place emotionally and spiritually.
Madalyn Ward, DVM Austin, TX

The Premier Audio Enrichment Program for Today's Professional Woman!

The Stellar Series is tailored for women whose careers are in the three major roles within any business environment:
Owners/Managers, Sales Women, and Team Members.

In each set, you receive 2 CD's - The first CD contains a 30 minute hypnosis session. In the privacy of your own home or office, you can simply close your eyes and let Willow's soothing words relax you, while targeting specific behaviors and habits that are so necessary to becoming the Stellar Business Woman that you desire to be.

The Affirmations CD contains approximately 30 minutes of affirmations and suggestions designed to reinforce the actions and behaviors from the hypnosis session. Unlike the hypnosis session, you can listen to the Affirmations anytime, anywhere. Play them in your car while driving, in your Mp3 player while working out, or at home while you're fixing dinner or while you sleep.


“[your help] has given me courage, self worth, and focus for the things in me that need to come to the surface so my life can be full and rewarding no matter what is going on around me! Thanks Willow!
J. Choate, Menard Texas

There's A Stellar Business Set That's
Just Right For You!

  • Stellar Business Owner/Manager 
    Unique support and inspiration for those who own their own business or manage a project, department, or organization. (Perfect for the Network Marketer!)
  • Stellar Sales Woman 
    Specific support and inspiration for those working directly with sales (and who isn't?!)
  • Stellar Team Member
    Provides advanced support and inspiration for a multitude of professional positions in any work environment!

But Wait! There's More!

Complement your Stellar Business Success System with two additional theme sets that enhance your success each day:

  • Confidence & Success
    Helps develop, enhance, and reinforce inner and outer confidence for personal and professional success.
  • Building Lasting Relationships
    Helps develop and strengthen positive relationships with clients, colleagues, team members and yourself!



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stel-lar, adjective

Of, relating to, or consisiting of stars.
Of relating to a star performer.
Outstanding; principal.
Like a star, as in brilliance, shape, etc.
Pertaining to a preeminent performer, athlete, etc.